Hello,  I'm Brian Graybill, and I love taking pictures!

I started out using a film camera, a Pentax EZY Point and shoot, then moved on to a Pentax ZX-7, also a film camera. I now use a Nikon-D40. I love the simplicity of the digital camera versus the standard film slr camera.

I can often be found OUTSIDE, shooting Nature, Waterfalls, Wildlife, and even the Amish from time to time. Nature and Wildlife offer a freedom to do what I want, when i want, and the Critters and Animal don't give any negative feedback about how they look either. (Ha Ha!)

I also do 'Modeling Portfolios', and enjoy the many differences each Unique model brings to their shoot, and we always have fun!

I do have a small collection of Celebrity Photos, I have been lucky enough to have met, and photograph, some wonderful talent from the Air Waves and the Movie and Television Screens.

I'm Married to my lovely wife Beverley, who sometimes becomes my test subject in the Studio, and I'm the first of four boys. There is always something Interesting and New to photograph, Always! Although we don't always see it at first, it's there waiting for us to capture it, and, let the world enjoy it, as I try to do.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my Photography and Art, and I hope you  will come back to see all the New and Exciting Photos & Images, as I add them, and ready them for you to view. 

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                                Many Thanks, Brian Graybill!

       About 'The Photographer' 
                                  - Brian Graybill -