Welcome To The Reptile & Amphibian Page. On This Page You Will Find Some Of Ohio's Creepy, Slimy, Sneaky, And Most Interesting Yet Misunderstood, Of God's Creatures. Most Are From Swampy Areas, Wooded Areas, & Thereabouts. Some Are Not Native To Ohio, However They Do Fit This Category. So As You Scroll Down Through Each Photo, Keep In Mind, They Are God's Creation, And You Can See Them Here Without Having To Get Near Any Of Them. Enjoy Them For What They Are And What They Do, As They To Serve A Purpose In Nature's Circle Of Life.  (Frogs - Turtles - Snakes - Salamanders - Crayfish - & More)
The Tiniest Of Tree Frogs Known As A
Peeper, No Bigger Than A Thumbnail.
Small And Slender In Size, This Is A 
Long-Tailed Spotted Salamander - Almost Always Nocturnal And Found Under Dead Wood, Logs, Or Rocks.
Northern Box Turtle - Dull In Color Until Getting Wet - It Can Be Found In Your Garden As Well As The Forest Floor.
American Toad - Usually Found Burrowing Holes In The Ground As Well As On Wet Roads At Night.
This Brown Wood Snake Sniffs The Air
Around It As It Passes Through Some 
Gravel - A Non Venomous Snake.
Crayfish, Sometimes Called Swamp Lobsters, Are Usually Found Submerged From Deep Ponds To Shallow Creeks. Above On The Left Is A Female Carrying It's Young Under It's Flipper - On The Right Is The Same Female On Driftwood.
An Alligator Snapping Turtle - Usually Covered In Mud, And Sometimes A Few Leaches As Well, This Rather Large Snapper Was Drawn Out Of Hiding By Heavy Rains - Here It Travels Along A Flooded Back Road Looking For The Swampy Area That Used To Hold All This Water.
Painter Turtles Sunbathing On A Log.
The Greys Tree Frogs Are Usually Out Of Sight, However, They Can Be Found Just
Hanging Around From Time To Time. The Above Three Photos Show The Greys At Three Times Of The Day - Early Morning, Mid Day, And Late Evening. No Doubt All
Three Were Looking For Food During Their Travels Through The Swampy Branches.
A Ribbon Snake On Lily Pads
A Garter Snake On Gravel
A Northern Water Snake In Grass
A Garter Snake In The Grass
A Garter Snake On Gravel Road
Snakes, Usually There Is No In Between, You Either Like Them Or You Don't! Yet Not
All Snakes Are Venomous, Like These Above. The Ribbon Snake, Garter Snake, And 
Even The Northern Water Snake Are Quite Harmless To Humans, Even When They
Display Aggression. They Are Usually Trying To Keep Us Away From Them, As With 
Most Creatures, So They Feel Safe In Their Own Environment. 
The American Alligator Is NOT Native To Ohio. These Two Gators Were Actually At A
Pet Store In A Small Town, Not In The Wild. It's Quite Amazing To See Any Creature 
Adapt To Whatever Environment They Are In, Sometimes Even Thrust Into, Such As
A Pet Store Or In Some Form Of Captivity. They Are Quite Remarkable And  I Think They Make A Nice Addition To This Reptile & Amphibian Page.
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