Thank you for choosing Graybill Images Photography and our Quality Products. When ordering through Pay-Pal you will need to follow the easy steps listed below in order for us to ensure high quality and your satisfaction.

Step 1.   Browse through each page to find the Photos or Images that you so desire.

Step 2.    After you have chosen the desired Photos or Images, just click on the  
              Down Menu located at the Bottom of that page, and then scroll down, to pick               the Size you want. Next click on the "Add To Cart" button - Do this for each                 item you are ordering so it will be placed into your Cart. If you are ordering                   an 8 x10, hover over the 8x10 option and click on it. If you are ordering a few               different sizes do the same thing, hover over each one and then click on that               size. Doing this for each item will allow you to make sure you are only
              charged for the items you placed into your Cart. All Shipping and Handling                   Charges are Automatically added at Checkout.
              BOX ON PAY-PAL, or I will not know what you ordered.
Step 3.  Once you have completed your transaction, and I see that your payment has
            cleared, I will start your order right away.

                                             The "Snail Mail" Option:

             For those of you who do not use PayPal, for whatever reason, Simply follow
             all of the same steps, 1-3, so PayPal can total your order, and so you will  
             know the amount to write on a check or money order.
             Send it to the address listed on the order info page, after it clears the bank,
             your order will be shipped. 

* Thank You For Choosing  "Graybill Images Photography*
* Thank You For Choosing  "Graybill Images Photography*

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