Welcome to the "BODY ART PAGE". Here you'll find Tattoos, Piercings, etc... that someone has creatively chosen to display on a unique canvas, their own body. You will see women and men with a "Piece of Art" in whatever areas or places on their bodies that they felt compelled to create upon, just as a painter might use a canvas to create his/her painting. Some of the images here are for a more mature audience, 18 and over is advised. I hope that you will keep an open mind, view these images for what they really are, pieces of self expression and an alternative yet creative style of art.
Basic Tongue Piercing w/Designer Top Ball
Side of Lip Curved Piercing w/Clear Ends
Even A Classy Look Can Be Brought To
           Life With A Few Piercings
A Simple New Eyebrow Stud Or Some Basic Half Circle  Earrings Can Easily Turn Your Naked Or Blank Face Into A New Work Of Canvas Art. For The Everyday Look Or Classic Style, Beauty Is
From Lips To Belly Buttons And The Clitoris To The Ear Lobe, There Are Many Styles Available And Lots Of Places
To Use Them. Here Are Just A Few Samples Of Some Of The More Popular Areas To Add Some New Body Art Too!
Every Tattoo Or Piercing Has A Meaning To Those Who Have Chosen To Ink And Poke Themselves. Go Ahead And Check Out These Cool Tats Above, And Then Check Out The Cool Piercings below, And Always Remember, To The
Ones Who Choose To Wear The Ink Or Hang Metal In Their Skin, To Them It's All About The Artistic Expression!
These Three Images Above Are Quite Unique. The Sepia Tone One Is What The Model Looked Like At The Time I Did The Photo Shoot. The Skin Colored One I Love As A Black 'N' White Art Piece. The Third One I Turned Into A Painting On An Actual Canvas Looking Background, And Filled In The Color Myself. I've Been Told That This Model Now Has Had Color Put Into This Tat, But Found This Version Quite Appealing As Well.
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These Are Adult Style Images, Meaning You Have To be At Least 18 Years Old To Get Most Of Them, And They Are On A Person's Body - Therefor The Photographic Images On This Page, Are Only Sold To A Select Few - More So For Use In A Tattoo Or Piercing Parlor - You Must Message Me For Availability.