This Page Is Dedicated To The Artistic And Creative Images That I Have Created, And Have Had Help Creating, From The  Wonderful Models That I Have Worked With. It Is Vital For Any Creative Being, Photographer Or Other Artist, To Start With A Good Subject In Order To Create What Is To Become Art. Imagination Runs Wild Here, As You'll See The Final Products Along With The Original Photo. Please Feel Free To Browse, Comment, Even Purchase These Art Photos. I Sincerely Hope You Enjoy Them!
The Smaller Image Below Was The Original Photograph Taken - 

The Blue Forest Fairy To The Bottom Right Was The First Creation -

The Red Forest Fairy Top Right Was A Variation Created From The Blue Forest Fairy.

    To The Left We Have The Peacock Queen.

     Below We Have The Original Photograph
             Used To Create This Art Image.
Below Is The Original Photograph
  Used To Create This Awesome
            Image To The Right.
  This One Was A Unique Challenge, 
  Not Only The Dramatic Background 
  Change, But A Replacement Of The
  Hand Was Implemented, As Well As
  Flipping the Original Photo To  Help      Achieve The Outcome Of This 
     Terrific Art Image To The Left.

   The Original Photograph Is Below.
   The Original Photograph

   Was The Muse For This
    Creepy Fun Halloween  
             Art Image.

  Imagination Shouldn't Have
  Any Boundaries In Order
        To Maximize Your
        Creative Abilities.
        I Truly Hope You've Enjoyed These Art Images, And If You Would Like To See More Wonderful Art    
        Images By The Wonderful Artist Who Helped To Create These Awesome Images From My Original  
                                Photography, Simply Paste This Address Into Your Web Browser:
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                                                                             And Enjoy!

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ID# AM-004
ID# AM-005
Here Is Quite An Extensive Look At The Before And After Effects, From Photography To Creative Art. The Original Photo Is Also On The Nudes Page, If You Are Interested In Seeing A Larger Version Of It. This Is Called - "The Mermaid".
ID# AM-006
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